The American Farrier’s Association Foundation supporters are made up of those in the equine industry who understand the critical role the farrier plays in the overall well being of the horse, and who wish to support ongoing efforts of science based research, education and certification, philanthropy, and innovation, all of which contribute to the advancement of the trade, the professional farrier and the mission of the American Farrier’s Association.

The AFA centers upon five foundational tenets which reinforce the mission and drive all of the efforts and programs. These tenets are education, certification, communication, research, and innovation.

Thus, the American Farrier’s Association Foundation is embarking on a significant and ambitious fundraising effort to ensure the many programs of the American Farrier’s Association continue to improve, reach, and support more farriers.

Equine Research →

Enabling farriers to produce sophisticated research

Innovation →

Continuing the study of innovative techniques and products

Philanthropy →

Ensuring long-term health and wellness for farriers

Education and Certification →

Increasing the knowledge and skill set of farriers

In Memoriam Legacy Gift →

Recognizing lifelong friendships forged through the years

Honored Mentor Gift →

Honoring mentors and their contributions to the trade