Our Mission

Dedicated to improving the welfare of the horse through philanthropy, education, and research pertaining to the science of farriery and related industries through support of the mission and programs of the American Farrier's Association.

Our Purpose

Founded in 2021, the American Farrier’s Association Foundation is governed and stewarded by individuals dedicated to the advancement of the trade and the science of farriery.  Our mission to improve the welfare of the horse and support the farrier profession is guided by the pursuit of knowledge and excellence in hoof care.

Please join us in our vision of improving the welfare of the horse through the advancement and support of the farrier profession.

Our Vision

The Vision of the AFAF will support the mission of the American Farrier’s Association and…

  1. benefit the horse,
  2. educate the public,
  3. benefit the professional farrier,
  4. educate other industry professionals, and
  5. dispel industry myths.

We believe that horses benefit from a certified farrier who is well-educated, informed, supported and cared for throughout all phases of his/her career.