The importance of the farrier profession to the horse is undeniable and is recognized by horse owners, trainers, riders, veterinarians, and everyone else within the equine industry. To ensure the continuation, further development, access to and impact of the AFA certification program and student education, financial support is needed.

The AFA has developed and successfully delivered certification examinations of various levels to farriers from across North America and around the world through its internationally recognized certification program. The impact of this program has tremendously increased the knowledge and skill set of the farriers that have participated in the process. Ultimately their commitment to education and certification has without a doubt improved the overall well being of the horses in their care. The farrier plays a key role in the preventative health care of the horse, long term soundness and athletic performance, and an integral piece in the treatment of many disease pathologies and conformational defects.

Your gift helps not only the individual farriers of the American Farrier’s Association, but the countless numbers of horses in their care, by ensuring access to education and certification is available to all.