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During its first Annual Meeting on Tuesday, December 28, the American Farrier’s Association Foundation Board of Directors appointed Officers to serve the Foundation for two-year terms.

Appointed Officers and Directors are as follows:

  • President: Douglas Russo, CJF, AWCF
  • Vice President: Travis Burns, CJF, TE, EE, FWCF
  • Secretary: Thomas DuBois, CJF
  • Treasurer: Tim Byrne, CJF
  • Director: Eric Gilleland, CJF
  • Ex-Officio: Hank Chisholm, CJF, AFA President
  • Ex-Officio: Martha Jones, AFA Executive Director

The Foundation is confident that the individuals appointed are dedicated to the advancement of the trade and the science of farriery, and we look forward to their many contributions both during their term and beyond. We are thankful for their service, wise counsel, and dedication to the Foundation’s mission and purpose.