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As of April 28, 2023, the American Farrier’s Association Foundation is pleased to announce that we have successfully registered as a charitable entity in the 41 US jurisdictions that require such registrations.

This process is critical to ensuring our future success, as it assures our donors that we are both accountable and fully transparent with their contributions. While lengthy, the Foundation is proud to have accomplished this task, and is committed to ensuring it continues each year. It is our belief that our donors should feel confident in their giving and know that their contributions are being utilized exactly as they intend.

The Board of Directors of the Foundation would like to thank Labyrinth Compliance for their assistance throughout this process.

Why It Matters:

First and foremost, charitable solicitation registration requirements are law, and as such, should not be taken lightly. Beyond that, donors care that the organizations they give to are doing all they can to be transparent about their fundraising activities. The rise of charity rating websites like Charity Navigator gives credence to the fact that donors expect accountability from the organizations they give to. The internet has made it simpler than ever for prospective donors to investigate organizations prior to giving, and charities bureaus offer searchable databases of the entities registered in their jurisdictions.

Organizations that register for charitable solicitation join the ranks of the most trustworthy groups out there. Becoming licensed engenders trust from donors and sets the applicant apart from the crowd. Compliance can and should be a badge of honor. The requirements, while complex, present an opportunity for organizations to demonstrate how serious they are about protecting their donors and ensuring their conduct is beyond reproach.

Public trust is the most important currency for any nonprofit, and the foundation of that trust lies in complying with state laws.